free STUN server

We provide a secure, reliable & free STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) service for your SIP, ICE & WebRTC applications.

freeSTUN is a free service for development & testing. The per peer TURN bandwidth limit is 2 MBit/s.

If you need an unlimited TURN service for production, please consider our professional fastTURN service at &

How it works

Just use your prefered connection in your application configuration.
🔓 No credentials required.

Unencrypted UDP/TCP.
🔐 free:free

Unencrypted UDP/TCP.
🔓 No credentials required.

Unencrypted TCP and TLS.
🔐 free:free

Encrypted TLS.

Example ICE-Server-List

[ { urls: '' }, { urls: '', username: 'free', credential: 'free' } ]



In security-sensitive applications, STUN may be encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS)


Our computing resources guarantee top speed and high availability of your services.


We provide our services free of charge. You can use it at no cost.

Our pricing model

Free Plan

For development and testing



/ forever

2 MBit/s · Unlimited Traffic · No logging

Pro Plan

For production



/ year

Unlimited Bandwidth · Unlimited Traffic · No logging

Some technical specs

Server Bandwidth (1 GBit/s)100%

Gigabit fiber optic connection. Server location: California/USA.

Server Uptime99%

Top performance and 99.99% uptime.